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About the Artist




I’ve always had great studios. Some of my favorites

include the ones with cozy fireplaces, the two-story

Tahoe studio with a balcony and a view of the lake,

and the studio in Gravel’s Boatyard in Moss Landing

that got quaked out… every building on the Island

was destroyed except mine.


My favorite is this forever studio that I built myself.

It has a shop, a clean workspace, lots of storage,

perfect light and fantastic views of the lake below

and the forest above. Some days I turn off the jazz



and just listen to the water and the wind and the

critters and I fall into the most meditative state of



There’s a story behind this black and while photo:

Kurt Fishback, this super famous photographer contacted me out of the blue. He asked if he could take my portrait. He was doing a book titled “51 Women Artists” at the time. I said sure! I thought, “Oh Boy! I’ll have a nice portrait for the web.” On the day that he was coming I baked a pie and went into the




vault and dug out the family jewels. I put on a cashmere sweater and nice slacks. So we go to the studio and while he’s waiting for the light to get just right, he asks me, “Is this the way that you dress when you create…cashmere and pearls?” Oooh!, I get it!

I changed into my work clothes, the light is perfect

and a series of photos just happened like magic.


The family jewels from my Mother, my Grandmother

and my Great Grandmother are with me under the


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