Art Center School of Design, Pasadena, CA - Selected Studies

California State University, Long Beach, CA - BA, Art/Illustration

USC Keck School of Medicine, PA Program,
Los Angeles, CA - BS, Medicine


California Relief Fund for Artists & Practitioners Juried Grant  2022
Sponsored by the CA Arts Council & the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Don Heberholtz Award for Sculpture, 2010

Art for the Visually Impaired - Arts Council of Placer County,
Re-Grant 2005

State of California, State Agency Grants - Medicine 1996, 1997, 1998

University of Southern California, Grants - Medicine 1996, 1997, 1998

National Council of Jewish Women, Scholarships - 1993, 1996

National Endowment for the Arts, Grant - 1989

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Grants - 1986, 1987

Art, like life is a journey. Throughout it all, the creative

process and the absolute need to make art have been my

cherished companions. Early on I was a successful illustrator

and product designer. Clients included Playboy, USA

Today, the US Army, AAA, W, text books and ads. I did the

story boards for the Emmy award winning Charlotte’s Web.

I designed creatures for ILM and toys for Mattel and others.

Like Barbie’s first hot tub.

And then I started to paint... gooey, yummy, impressionistic

figurative art. The figure became a metaphor for life’s major

events. During my divorce, I had been working on this

painting of a woman passing thru a portal with a crow

watching... waiting... then my Dad passed away unexpectedly.

I put down the brush. Change came.

On the move. Everything in storage. I started sculpting

small gestural figures out of found objects and paper.

Easier to work with and pack up. Freelancing was drying up. I needed a day job to support my art habit. So I went into  USC’s

Physician Assistant program. What was I thinking!

I had to abstain from all art. Otherwise I would have

dropped out. I made no art for 10 years. I was hardened like steel and yet had developed a profound compassion for all living things. We are all transitional beings. I saw the consequences of illness, of aggression and accidents and love. I amputated limbs. I marveled at gallstones. I was fabulous at skin graphs – an art form. I had the privilege to see how perfectly made we are inside. Despite our illnesses. Did you know that electrical impulses visibly change color as they course through the brain? I held a beating heart in my hand.  I saw the soul leave the body. My art changed.

I sculpt in concrete, wire and wood now. Gestural indicators

of the mind, body, spirit. Growth. Maturation. Decay. Transformation. Regeneration.

A lifetime of memories that we leave for others to build upon. My figures are hollow. You can see right thru them. They hit you on a visceral level.

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